Claire Anderson is the illustrator and designer behind Wild Parrot. Her whimsical illustrations feature bright colors, happy creatures and flowers (of course).
In a past life, Claire was a graphic designer (and then a web designer and then a ux/ui designer), but one day she realized she’d only ever wanted to be an illustrator. Now she fills her days with color and pattern and imagination. Claire lives and works in sunny California with her husband and their very silly dog, Luna.
Why Wild Parrot?
"When I was living in San Francisco, my work desk faced a window that overlooked various trees in the foreground and our lovely city in the background. Birds would often fly from tree to tree and I loved looking up from my work to see them. On the best days, I’d hear the sound of squawking and look up to see a flock of wild parrots landing on the cypress tree. Parrots are not native to San Francisco, so they were always such a delight in an otherwise regular day, forcing me to be present and grateful for the moment.
"In a way, I think of myself as a wild parrot - often feeling like I don’t fit in, but making a place for myself anyway. More than that though, I chose this name because I would love for my designs and illustrations to be delightful interruptions to otherwise regular days and to fill people with wonder for this strange, beautiful world." 
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